Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Retrospective

"Snow on the Mountain"
 "Always remember it's simply not an adventure worth telling
 if there aren't any dragons."  - Sarah Ban Breathnach
This month had its ups and downs.
I'm stronger I say, I'm strong! 
I'm not moved at all, nor shaken.
I'm resting in God's palm. 
Talking with Amy while Kathy paints near Medicine Creek
Just a quick hello.  I pray everyone is well and 
easing into the new season with grace.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Art Show in two days...

Last night, I hung my artwork on the walls while listening
 to the rehearsal of "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown."  

One of the actors set THE TREE! by my stuff,
  so I couldn't resist this shot.

This heart keeps "La Plume a Pois" company.

Girl with Full Moon (another special wood panel)

Sister I
I'm exhibiting 'old' and new works.
I enjoyed letting the natural beauty of
wood grain be seen through clear
encaustic medium (beeswax & tree resin).

The art show is two days away.
The main attraction though is
"You're A Good Man Charlie Brown" :)
and I hear the house is sold out!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mignardises - An Encaustic Confection

La Plume a Pois


An Encaustic Confection!

Mignardises are bite-size desserts similar to petit fours.   

 Derived from the old French word, “Mignard” which means

either a small child, or graceful, pretty and delicate.

I create in the ancient wax-based Encaustic medium. 
 It’s the earliest form of paint - predating oil, fresco and tempera. 
 It was first used by the Greeks over 2,000 years ago.  The word encaustic 
 originates from the Greek word enkaustikos which means ‘to burn in’. 
 Encaustic medium is a combination of beeswax, crystallized tree resin and
 pigment.  I create my images by brushing layers of this molten wax on to 
wooden panels and fusing each layer with a heat gun.  

I enjoy working with Encaustic because the possibilities are endless 
and the wax itself is enormously sensual. The transparent and adhesive 
qualities of clear beeswax are ideal for creating my playful collages. 
  The bright and luminous quality of pigmented beeswax make the 
smallest pieces appear as delicious candies or Mignardises.

Exhibit opens September 11th at 7:00 pm

along with the opening of the musical, 

You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown

Lawton Community Theatre

1316 NW Bell

September 11 – 20, 2015

I'm very excited about my upcoming exhibit at the Lawton Community Theatre.  
Greg (musical directing) is still in rehearsal and I'm still finalizing my art pieces, 
but it's countdown time to the double feature! 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Between Wind & Water

 I'm fortunate.  
Behind our house is a prairie hill,
and then a lake just behind the hill. 

The other side of Prairie Hill where it touches Lake Lawtonka.
Watching the Oklahoma Championship Regatta from our Dubcek sailboat.
Sailing is so close to our hearts.
There's something magical about being 
between wind and water ~ ~ ~

Evening walk around Prairie Hill

Friday, August 28, 2015

OK Mini Gallery

In May, I was inspired by this story I heard on NPR.  I thought to myself, I would do the exact same thing as Ben!  If I saw a missing brick in a wall with found objects placed inside, I would definitely add one of my tiny artworks!  Ben's story inspired me to start the OK Mini Gallery.  It's structured a little different from the Tiny Nashville Gallery.  The OK Mini Galleries are gifts to businesses and organizations and intended for the public to enjoy.  These are real galleries shrunk down to miniature sizes - anywhere from 2" x 3" to 6" x 14."   Artists are donating all the work!

OK Mini Gallery #1 is located at Mrs. Chadwick Bakery & Coffee Bar in Medicine Park
OK Mini Gallery #3
Mates, Watercolor by Julie Larimer-Conley
OK Mini Gallery #3 at Basecamp Adventure Outfitters in Medicine Park
The Road to the Last Desert Grasslands by Jameson Crumpler  

Fused Glass by Denise Weidel

This Steampunk-themed gallery is no bigger than a cupcake!
 OK Mini Gallery #5 is only 2" x 3"and
is located at The Bakery Emporium in Lawton.
Balloon Shrine by Erik Hoepfner

OK Mini Gallery #3 is hanging in the gallery hall on the far right (Lawton Community Theatre)

Can you see it?
OK Mini Gallery #2 is the only one hanging outside - 
Bullets Burgers & BBQ in Medicine Park's order window. 

Oil landscapes by Katherine Liontas-Warren
 Kathy was one of my art professors at Cameron University. 
She continues to inspire me!

Withdrawing by Muriel Fahrion
Call to artists are on a Facebook site
which is the best way to manage communication.

I'm working on Gallery #7 right now.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Apple & Pear

This is Apple and Pear in the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge - 
Our humble mountains compared to what I saw on our trip, but as tough as any. 

I've hiked here many times, and explored the bottom which is called Valley of Boulders -
it's a giant granite jumble.  I've been on another mountain ridge behind A & P and 
looked down on them.  But I've always desired to climb up there and touch them.  

Pear's bottom exposed!
 They are astounding!  I never realized how much Apple tilted!  
One day it may topple and leave Pear.
The granite slabs on this ridge are amazing. 
Can you see Greg?  
This is a close up - it's really huge.  I call them saddle handles.
I'm on tip toes touching Apple.  A couple of things:  The drop off is about 6 feet to my right - 
that wasn't as unsettling as the wind!  The wind was whipping around like crazy up there!

Wind and rocks are super energizing to me!
I loved the flowers growing out of this boulder.
There's also an amazing arch on this ridge.  Notice the wind whipping up my hair again.
On the other side of this arch is a drop off!
Back down on the trail...  looking up.
I can't wait to return with watercolors and a picnic lunch on a cooler day. 
  We know how to get up there now. We know how beautiful it all is -
360 granite glory.   Also I haven't touched Pear,,,

Rain Lily on the trail