Monday, May 23, 2016

Hike around Elk Mountain

Greg and I were on the rocks this weekend.  

We were in the midst of flowers too.

We're having a mild and rainy spring here in SW Oklahoma!
The lakes and creeks are full and the land is bright green.
Actually I wish we could dry out a little bit… :)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sweet baby girl...

On Monday I was at home recovering from a medical procedure and 
 didn't have to go to bed, instead I spent the whole afternoon in
the backyard with Zody and Fearless.  
Fearless was coming and going from the trees to the feed on the patio.

I put out food for her on Tuesday morning and then called to her in the evening
when I got home from work.  She didn't come and I joked that she may have flown away
(even though she had her own paradise here!)   A little later Greg discovered
feathers by the patio -  I recognized them immediately.
I watched those feathers develop over the last few weeks.  My heart hurts with sadness.  

Some of Fearless' feathers are buried in the garden.

I can only guess -  something snatched Fearless while she was
innocently eating on the back patio…. I was only angry for a
short while.  Maybe a roadrunner - we have plenty right now.
The neighbor's mischievous chihuahua?  Fearless was used to
my Zody, so this other one may have snuck back there.  I don't know.
I do know, after processing my thoughts and feelings over the 
past few days, that I accept this ending better than the
lawn mower that was going to get Fearless.   

I miss her.  I sorrow over losing her.  I'm grateful for what will
 always be one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.

Like a friend said, she enjoyed a few of God's
beautiful sunrises and sunsets with a full belly and joy.

I wanted her to stay forever.

"Listen to what you know instead of what you fear."
-Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Fearless (The Female House Finch)

I figured out that Fearless is a female house finch by the markings on her chest.  
The male has the pretty rose-colored head and chest.

She really likes strawberries and bananas.  I've sprinkled in dandelion seeds, flowers and leaves.
Sweet peppers, apple and cilantro too.  She's not interested in the seed mix and still likes 
moistened (dry) cat food. 

Saturday morning was emotional as we had Fearless's release planned.
I cried tears and my heart flew off when she took off toward the post oak trees.

Well, she decided to stick around all day and I made sure she had many platters
of her favorite foods.  She was actually very snuggly and spent a lot of time on Greg's
shoulder and even in my lap!   In the evening we brought her back inside.  
For the past few days I've placed her on top of a ceiling lamp chain with 
post oak branches and leaves for comfortable bedding.  lol.
 She wouldn't move until the next morning when she heard me move about.  

Today she has enjoyed flying to and sitting in our backyard post oak forest,
returning several times for food on the back patio.   I can call her and she comes.
I can hear and distinguish her beep from all the spring bird chatter. 
 I don't know how long all this will last, but I'm enjoying this season.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Fledgling (Fearless)

For some reason, I decided not to use a sidewalk (at work)
but to cut a path through a lawn, and that's where  
I found this helpless baby 'crying'.
 In fact, a groundskeeper was nearby on a riding lawnmower. . .

I spent some time searching for its nest, but only
located a nest with a bird sitting on one egg.
Instinct told me that wasn't his/her place
and my heart told me to do something crazy.....

  to raise the bird!

Always hungry!

I got very good at making nests.
Learning how to perch.   I named him Fearless.
 Getting used to the outdoors - temps, wind, sounds, sights,,,
Yes vultures are up there.

Stormy weather outside.
Practicing flying....
Good morning, Fearless.

 I've chopped up countless mealworms, 
warmed catfood, prepped & sprinkled egg shell calcium on food.
Even took it to work with me for one week!

Graduated the nestling to fledgling.
Transitioned from heat lamp to covered birdcage at night.

I've learned so much about birds!
It's a great commitment to raise one.

I think its a Song Sparrow, but not sure if male or female.

I think my biggest mistake is that Fearless
has imprinted on me now - thinking I'm its parent.
 We just like each other so much.

I'm currently waiting on her to eat on her own,
hoping she'll switch to seeds soon.
The plan is to show her the food source outside 
and release her...

We'll know when it's time.

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Remembering my father today… my heart is so tender. 
I've held on to this dear Ken shirt from the early 70's because it reminds me of dad.
 I want to laugh and cry. You never know the gifts our departed leave behind.
 I have a short story - it is intertwined with my Heavenly Father's goodness…. 

I added my father's info on Find A Grave (on the web) - I was able to settle him with his other deceased family members in this way. I also learned a lot about my ancestors. 
Fast forward two years… this February, my other sister and niece found me
 by also researching ancestors on Find A Grave.  My love doubled.
 I already have a beautiful sister and niece (Michelle and Danaye), 
and now I have two more beautiful souls in my life - Deborah and Sara.  
When I was little, I always knew I had a half-sister from my dad's previous marriage. 
 I treasured the picture that I saw - a black and white photo of teenage Deborah
 with brown shoulder length hair and thick bangs, 
with eye's like my Father's behind thick rimmed glasses…
 my half-sister, never forgotten.   Forty years later we finally connect. 

I have no words, only tears of gratitude to God. 
Some things take a long time, and then there's no such thing 
as 'time' anymore - we'll just all be together again.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

A few days around here in no particular order….

A humble Passover Seder with my friend Laura.
I'm raising this nestling!
Excited to find Cleavers in my yard!!

"There is so much beauty here and
 you have the power to feel it."  -web